The World Would be an Evil Place

Many men complain that women fall for the “wrong guy” and there’s a common saying that “nice guys finish last”. While I think there is a LOT of truth to both of these I am realizing that it may be best that things stay that way. The “nice guy” is hard to come by, a lot of them have been tainted by us women and there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of men who have a strong desire to keep themselves from being tainted. I think men are more likely to give up and stop trying instead of coming out of situations stronger.

Things to do Besides Cheating on Someone

It seems that cheating has been a fairly common way for people to deal with the problems in their life. Honestly, with all the pressure and emotions, we’re a lacking society living in a “paycheck to paycheck world” it’s not really too surprising anymore.

From the “head of household” perspective, they are tired when they get home from work and are usually met at the door with their spouses problems and never able to express their own issues to where their significant other can actually understand. The person caught in this rut is a likely candidate for cheating, not because they are overwhelmed with their spouses issues but because their minds are not stimulated by, for lack of better words, “grown up conversation”.

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