Things to do Besides Cheating on Someone

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It seems that cheating has been a fairly common way for people to deal with the problems in their life. Honestly, with all the pressure and emotions, we’re a lacking society living in a “paycheck to paycheck world” it’s not really too surprising anymore.

From the “head of household” perspective, they are tired when they get home from work and are usually met at the door with their spouses problems and never able to express their own issues to where their significant other can actually understand. The person caught in this rut is a likely candidate for cheating, not because they are overwhelmed with their spouses issues but because their minds are not stimulated by, for lack of better words, “grown up conversation”.

Then you have the “stay at home parent” perspective. This individual is usually one who doesn’t have very stimulating conversations with the dog or the kids; they are simply tired of being stuck but feel responsible for taking care of the household where there is always “something to be done”. In the old days it was the milkman, then it was the pool boy and now it’s anybody in uniform that gets the ladies attention. 

There are many reasons people can use as an excuse for cheating but the general concept comes down to.. BOREDOM. Boredom is a sickness that goes hand in hand with cheating for most I believe.

Now for the solution. First, clear your mind of trying to get a thrill from someone outside of your relationship; it’s only going to weigh on your conscience for the rest of your life if your spouse doesn’t find out. This is a ridiculous trade-off when the issue can be resolved with a little patience and understanding. Everyone is different so choose something that works best for you.

Things to do Besides Cheating on your Spouse:

  1. Getting out in nature everyday. It sounds stupid but there is nothing more settling than watching cows graze on the grass or birds chirping in the trees.
  2. Go for a long drive. Get away from home or from the hustle and bustle, take a drive to somewhere you’ve never been or go across town for your favorite treat. Most importantly, go by yourself.
  3. Go visit a family or friend who has a small children, there’s just something about an innocent child that’s comforting.
  4. Instead of watching a sappy love movie, put in an educational flick that challenges your mind. The same can be said for books.
  5. It’s the digital age, go to YouTube and look up funny cat videos or llama videos. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Go dancing. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, tear up a the dance floor and let your worries disappear into the floor.
  7. Spoil yourself. When you’re home, have time for yourself to read a book, take a candlelit bath or read a hotrod magazine without interruption (perhaps while your spouse is out dancing).

Whatever you do; don’t accuse your spouse of cheating, don’t even make little remarks about cheating...ask them in a serious but gentle manner or don’t say anything at all. If you have evidence, feel free to behave in whatever manner you see fit, just be sure not to stick your foot in your mouth later. Once you accuse someone of cheating you’ve opened the flood gates, you can never take it back.

Why Boredom started in the first place. 

The problem with boredom is that...if you’re not happy being by yourself then you will always rely on others to make you happy. Leaving the boredom door open is an invitation to other bored individuals looking to fill their own voids.. My dad said, “The one person you can always depend on is yourself”. Once you become happy with yourself you can figure out whether or not you are truly happy with your partner. 

My last advice is the most important. You call a person your spouse because you have made an agreement to be with them, don’t leave them without trying anything you or they can think of (within reason). If you’ve tried everything you both will find more peace when you move on.

One you’ve decided to move on start taking actions towards that goal. Seperate yourself as much as possible to get them use to the idea. And if you are in an abusive situation; get out of there as soon as possible and look into your heart for guidance.

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