Happiness Lies Inside Yourself

I see too many people trying to impress others with objects that surround them. Men want to impress women with their car or house. A misconception to these men is that a good women would actually mainly care about these objects. The main type of person you’re going to attract with these things is someone who wants to spend your money.

This is a simple opinion telling men to pay attention to how a women reacts when she sees your car or house. If her eyes light up and her interest in you changes she’s probably not worth the time (at least for a long term relationship). I’m not sure why it’s become so difficult to find a decent women in the world we live in. Most women these days are either too needy or too demanding, I’m don’t want to be rude but most women need more people to tell them to “Grow UP”.

Where do you meet a good girl these days?

Happiness Lies Inside Yourself by Randallgoodwin | Writers Opinion LLC


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