Demand for Higher Wages Fail

So many people want to jump on the bandwagon for higher wages in America, they think the solution to the problem is to have corporations share their wealth. The concept itself sounds very appealing, who doesn’t want more money.

Truth be told, we live in a world where the amount of money we make depends on how much money we spend each month. The more money we get the more money we spend. This thought process is widely accepted and embellished in the United States, and it’s the main reason your bank account balance tends to diminish.

We the people, as a society need to make changes in our lives that will stop feeding corporate greed so we can finally gain control of our finances.

Now, let me explain why raising wages will not solve your problem. When you force corporations to raise wages they are then forced to raise their prices so in the end you will be making the same amount. But that’s not the only thing that’s effected. When you force corporations to raise wages you are also forcing small businesses to do the same. America is built on small business and if they aren’t able to hire workers to get their business off the ground then our economy will further sink into the ground.

Moving forward, due to the rise in population due to those who cross the border illegally to have a better life, our lives have minimally gone down. Illegal residents will work for far less and they will make their dollar go a lot further than most Americans, they are smart and have the ability to live with basic means to provide for their families. I’ve worked alongside quite a few illegal aliens in the past, years ago in California, they were some of the hardest working people. And the places that hired them...struggling businesses that wanted to make their dollars go further.

I say all of this to put a light into some of your eyes that seem shut because you hear simple minded people spatting their demands for entitlement. Look at the facts and consequences of your actions. If we don’t come together as a country with plausible solutions to problems...NOTHING WILL EVER GET FIXED.

Money shouldn't be our driving force, it should be the pursuit of happiness.


  • Stop spending your money on things you don’t need.
  • Close our borders and go back to allowing entrepreneurs to enter our country.
  • Close corporate loop-holes that allow them to put money in foreign banks to keep from paying taxes.
  • Use the lottery proceeds for schools and to help lower our health care system costs.
  • Don’t force people to pay for insurance
  • Steadily lower handouts given in the form of Food Stamps
  • Implement a better system to decide who is truly Disabled and able to receive Social Security or Disability income.


Demand for Higher Wages Fail by Randallgoodwin | Writers Opinion LLC


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